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Hi, I’m Lucia, a personal trainer and sports recovery therapist. My journey started when I was just 6 years old and the only thing I wanted to do was dance. I went on to learn ballet, jazz, latin, and became a professional ballroom competitor. I was passionate and driven about dancing — but as a result, I didn’t take great care of my body.

Thankfully, I also got into learning everything fitness related: strength training, pilates, TRX, you name it. Over the past few years, I’ve developed my own methodology for helping clients who have  damaged their bodies like I had — whether it’s through sports like crossfit, running, or rowing; bad posture; lifting heavy weights…

My sports recovery method focuses on soft tissue therapies like myofascial release and trigger point therapy to release built up tension, combined with exercises to strengthen the muscles that hold us up. I’ve helped many many people release frozen shoulder, gain full range of motion from locked up joints, pulled muscles, knee pains, and more — often from just a *few* sessions, and sometimes after only ONE.

Now I’ve customized my approach to help people remotely. As long as you have internet access, I can help you. Are you ready to be pain free?

Lucia Tam

Your health is in your hands

REAL GUIDANCE: No more guessing and self diagnosis from the internet — from diagnosis to therapy to prevention, you will now know exactly what to do every step of the way

FEEDBACK: Regular check-ins with Lucia will ensure you’re doing things correctly and are making progress on your path to health

EDUCATION: You will always go away understanding the underlying concepts and how your everyday activities affect your musculature. This is key to prevent reoccurence.

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You may have already been to a physiotherapist for your ailment; maybe you've given up and decided your pain is your fate. But if you’re willing to work with me, I promise: you could be well on your way to recovery.


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Online Injury and Rehab Consultation

FINALLY – find out the real origins of your pain and learn how to fix it, for good. Lucia has helped countless clients overcome their longtime ailments, even over the internet, and can empower you to heal yourself through education and patient guidance, based on years of hands-on experience working with people just like you.

Does online physical therapy work?

YES. Many clients have followed Lucia’s instructions and worked themselves out of pain.

The power is in YOUR hands. Lucia will identify your injury and guide you through online sessions to apply the right recovery techniques for your specific needs. Her knowledge and experience are essential in determining “what” to do and teaching you “how” to do it, but the key component to success is your willingness to engage in your path to recovery, by doing the exercises and stretches at home as often as is required.

How long will my recovery take?

Everyone’s situation is different: depending on the severity of your issue and your willingness to do your stretches and exercises at home, you may find relief from pain from one session or several.

That being said, pain relief is just the first phase of recovery. Without an accompanying plan to strengthen the weaker muscles and correct your habits and posture, muscles are likely to tense again in the future.

How much do sessions cost?

Following your initial consultation, follow up online sessions with Lucia are US$30 per 25 minutes. In most cases, a weekly follow up is recommended where Lucia will assess your progress, correct your technique, and give you new exercises.

The importance of good posture and alignment

“A body is said to be in a position of equilibrium when there is a balanced distribution of weight and a stable position at each joint. Here the body can suspend ‘easily and freely’- with the best alignment and muscle calibration – therefore minimal effort” (Tobias).

Is your posture causing you chronic pain and tension? Speak to Lucia about re-training your body for optimal alignment.

Let's talk about your posture

If you are feeling pain in your neck for no apparent reason, as a sports recovery therapist based in Hong Kong,  I’ve got a few go-to stretches to help you sort it out before it could lead to something more lasting and serious, like chronic headaches or migraines.  Most of us experience very tight neck...

Knee pain is a very common feeling, either from a previous injury or sitting for long periods due to the office life work environment. There are cartilage, ligaments, and sensitive tissue surrounding the delicate knee cap that needs to be looked after.   As a professional trigger therapist based in Hong Kong, I encountered a lot...

Dealing with pain in the body is never fun. As a Trigger Point Therapist based in Hong Kong running a sports recovery lab, it is surprising how far we push our bodies until it decides to shut down by inhibiting us from movement and breaking our routine. Usually, when our knee is in pain it...

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